On this page I will tell you about 4 biomes types and a  fun fact about all of them. First before I tell you facts I will tell you what a biome is. A biome is a hole bunch of ecosystems that have around the same climate and then starts life.


The one type of grassland I will talk about is polar grassland because that grassland is linked to tundra. Polar grassland was on the northern tips of the world but it is now known as arctic tundra. The polar tundra use to have plants and all kinds of wildlife but then it got cold and permafrrost started  to form and it was changed to tundra.

Tropical forrest

A tropical forrest biome is not hard to find just look in any tropical area like Hawaii.It's always hot, doesn't snow and a tropical forrest is usually close to the equator. It has alot of wildlife and tons of trees.


We all know what a dessert is sothere won't be much information. A dessert is located near the middle of land and is very hot. They do not support much life except lizards, rodents and other small animals.


Of course since this websites on tundra I'll talk about it. My favorite kind of tundra is alpine tundra because it is located on the top of the mountains and untouched by anything. Sometimes when tundra melts the permafrost traps all the water on top and turns it into a marsh and can support a lot of life.